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Whenever you do a search, these links/icons will appear next to each domain extension result in pairs depending on whether the domain+extension is available to register or is taken.

buy domain Domain is available. Click this to immediately buy the domain.
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visit domain Domain is taken. Click this to visit the domain.
see whois Domain is taken. Click this to see the domain 'whois' record.

Quick Domain

Simply enter text and when you pause, and the domain will be checked.

Domain Generator

In the Domain Generator, there is a library of words grouped by category to help you find useful domains. To begin generating domains:
1) Enter a keyword or two, then
2) Select a keyword category.
3) options:
~ choose to add a dash/hyphen (-) between words or
~ to reverse the order of the words.

Search-Suggest Domains

Imagine finding a domain that matches a popular search in your niche!

Similar to the quick domain, enter text and when you pause, the action begins.

The magic happens with Google Suggest. Google suggest takes what you type and returns the top 10 most entered queries that match. It also returns the number of results that Google has matching that search.

Why is this important? Popular search queries give insight into what people are searching for. If a domain name exists that matches the search query, Google gives it precendence. Of course the domain must have some links and relevant content.


The cart shows domains you have added. It works off cookies, so your cart will show different items if you use different browsers (Firefox, IE).

'remove' - delete an item from the cart after selecting the item in the list.
'clear all' - clear or empty the cart.
'Refresh' - to make sure the cart is up to date.
'Buy All' - To purchase all the domains in the cart. This will not clear the cart.

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